Warp preparationAs one of the weaving preparation processes, it is a manual operation in which paper threads are arranged in parallel in the vertical direction and warp threads are hung on the loom by applying uniform tension. Depending on the design, the operator prepares the foundation work by delicately matching the type of warp, the number of threads, weaving order, density, and width.
Yarn Spinning After printing in various colors and patterns on a tissue paper, it is slit to a certain width in the shape of a tape. The slit paper tape is made into a yarn through a spinning machine and then wound into a cone shape.
Weaving This is the process of threading warp and weft threads on a loom. The principle and method are the same as the weaving method of general textile, and it is possible to weave with various patterns other than plain and twill weave. They are also woven together with other fibers such as cotton, linen, and rayon.
Laminating Backing paper with the fabric after weaving is called laminating. For paper for gluing, base paper, white smooth paper, or non-woven are mainly used. In order to obtain various color effects, it is also possible to express calm colors by dyeing or printing patterns on the backing paper.