Wall is Breathing, Hanmadang

Hanmadang, the brand of Yeomyung Wallcoverings has transplanted the materials and patterns in nature onto the walls as itself. Our health and the beauty of space, our social responsibility for a sustainable environment in the future and Hanmadang is a unique brand unrivaled, make our walls breathe like a living organism.

About Story

Aesthetic Design : Design not design

Authentic Craftsmanship

Using natural materials is the greatest forte of Hanmadang and this is an unparalleled technique that has been secured through walking on a single path without distraction for a long time. In addition, the perfection of harmoniously blending different natural materials without losing their own properties is created from the meticulous fingertips of master craftsmen who take pride in their skills and tradition.

About Philosophy

Natural Materials

Hanmadang uses natural materials to continuously create healthy homes. Hanmadang consists of various products such as paperweave, natural fabric, grasscloth, mica, and cork wallcoverings added with natural materials and beautiful design.

Corporate Environmental Sustainability

Hanmadang is constantly working to develop ways to produce natural materials more energy efficiently. In selecting packaging materials, we also try to minimize the generation of waste in the retail sales process by using recyclable materials without any harmful bleaching or fluorescent substances. In partnership with research institutes such as KOTITI, KICTEX, KOTERI and KITECH, Yeomyung keeps investing and attempting to develop technologies that would improve the workability, environmental safety, and durability and sustainability of the products.

  • Breathable Wallcoverings

    By using eco-friendly textile materials and blending special spinning with functionality-enhancing processing, our wallcoverings boast of complex functionalities such as sound absorption, antibacterial properties (99.9% antibacterial reduction in Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumoniae) and breathability, allowing the wallcoverings itself to breathe freely.

  • Eco-friendly textile materials

    Hanmadang has obtained the eco-friendly mark from the Ministry of Environment by using natural fiber materials. Eco-friendly textile materials reduces harmful substances and alleviate everyday environmental pollution.

  • No hazardous materials detected

    Harmful materials such as polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals are not detected in Hanmadang, providing a safe and comfortable living space.

  • Resistance to fire

    Hanmadang attained Class A rating in ASTM E84 and B-s1,d0 in CE.

Aesthetic Design

Hanmadang is characterized by not using artificial and stimulating colors and patterns in the planning, materials selection and design process, bringing about visual comfort by using natural materials and blending them well with various indoor objects with soft color schemes. The Design Center, established for world-class design, undertakes collaborations with the world’s luxury brands and introduces new products every year through international trade exhibitions such as Heimtextil Frankfurt, Maison & Objet Paris and Milan Design Week and are recognized for excellent designs.

About Series

Yeomyung Wallcoverings
breathes with the vitality
of nature, all from nature.

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