Wall is Breathing, Hanmadang

A space with walls allows us to live our daily life as comfortably as in nature. The wallcoverings let the walls breathe and our walls let us breathe.


A wallcovering is laminated with dyed and woven Korean paper. It delivers the natural texture and color as it is, and the comfort and richness of The fabric can create a space with the highest quality. As it is 100% paper-based, it does not produce hazardous substances, does not release toxic gases at the time of a fire and is widely used in multi-use facilities such as hotels, resorts,hospitals and banks as it is not subject to flame-retardant treatment.

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Natural grasscloth

A textile wallcovering that is laminated the warp(vertical) direction with natural materials such as cotton and linen on base paper. In particular, the vertical string wallcovering matches well with modern spaces as no seam visible.

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A wallcovering made by weaving wild plants such as arrowroot, rush, cattail, sisal or raffia. It offers the natural texture of the plants and thus it is suitable for spaces that need to create a nature feel.

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Mica is a form of expanded natural stone by heating it at a high temperature. It is soft and light as not to be considered a stone and it has a beautiful color and offers excellent external air blocking and sound absorption properties.

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Cork produced by peeling oak bark is a wallcovering material that has strong durability with antibacterial, deodorizing and moisture-absorption properties and is suitable for an eco-friendly space interior.

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Italian Slik

The Italian embossed wallpaper that characterizes the world’s best high-end wallpaper, with eco-friendly PVC, is a product that can create a delicate and sensual mood with a luxurious 3D pattern and bold marbling on the surface.

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Yeomyung Wallcoverings breathes with the vitality of nature, all from nature.